The psychic Brexit ballot paper

By The Economist online

DR WHO, the long-running British science-fiction hero, has a long-standing device to get him out of tricky situations; a piece of “psychic paper” that lulls the viewer into accepting the doctor’s credentials. Apparently blank, the paper says whatever the Doctor wants it to say.

The British government under Theresa May apparently thinks the 2016 EU referendum ballot paper had psychic qualities. The question merely asked “Should the UK remain a member of the EU or leave the EU?”. But on BBC Radio 4 this morning, Damian Green, who is (in effect) deputy prime minister, said Britain had to leave bodies like Euratom because the people voted for it.

The argument seems to be that Britain must rid itself of all traces of the EU like someone leaving an area of intense radiation needs a complete detox. So no EU means no single market, no customs union, no free movement and no regulation by the European Court of Justice. It is the ECJ’s role that dooms Euratom, apparently.

Euratom governs the

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