The Government Is Kicking Off The Debate On Lab-Grown Meat

The US’s food regulators will evaluate new “cultured” meat products, which have quickly attracted both attention and investment.

There’s a new high-tech alternative to both the animal-meat burger (beef, turkey, lamb) and the veggie burger: the lab-grown-meat burger, which involves artificially growing animal cells for food. And it’s getting enough attention and money now from big food companies like Tyson and Cargill that the US Food and Drug Administration plans to discuss “potential benefits and challenges of developing and regulating these products,” the agency said today.

“The use of animal cell culture technology as a method of food production and manufacturing raises many important considerations from a technical and regulatory perspective,” the FDA stated in a press release Friday. “In order to help foster dialogue regarding these emerging food technologies, and the considerations they raise, today the FDA announced a public meeting to discuss the opportunities and challenges of this new space.”

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