Stocks Likely to Remain Volatile Amid Trade Disputes

The stock market could see ongoing volatility next week as rising political risks compete against a strong domestic economy. Friday’s jobs report was better than expected at 213,000 jobs added, but it doesn’t factor in the impact of the trade war between the United States and China (and other trade partners), which could slow hiring in the manufacturing sector, disrupt the supply chain and raise prices for consumers. Reality could set in next week after last week’s $34 billion tariff swap.

Next week, traders will be keeping a close eye on several economic indicators, including the consumer price index and jobless claims on July 12 and consumer sentiment data on July 13. Price inflation will continue to be a primary area of focus as the Federal Reserve looks to continue its hawkish policy. (See also: US Markets Hit Pause Button Ahead of Earnings.)

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There could be ongoing volatility in the stock markets over the coming week as economic strength offsets trade concerns. …read more

Read more here: Stocks Likely to Remain Volatile Amid Trade Disputes

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