SolarEdge Technologies Stock Has Bullish Institutional Activity

A gain of 46.25% year to date (YTD) in 2018 for shares of SolarEdge Technologies, Inc. has been due in part to institutional accumulation. SolarEdge’s shares have been one of the best performing stocks over the past year, and looking at how the shares have been trading (share price increasing as volume increases), it should come as no surprise. With solar power usage growing year after year, SolarEdge is in a prime position to benefit from much of that growth. Not only that, one of the biggest factors used to identify strong stocks for the long-term is to look simply at supply and demand – and SEDG has no doubt been in demand. Betting on growing stocks with great fundamentals and increasing institutional activity, can be worthwhile for long-term shareholders.

For MAP, the strongest indicator of positive price momentum is by measuring potential institutional accumulation, which in 2017, SEDG logged 30 of these rare signals. Since the first bullish signal in 2017 (Feb. 14), SEDG has returned +285%. Additionally, in 2018 the stock has seen 6 additional bullish signals. We want to see bullish activity in the stock’s shares alongside solid fundamentals. This indicates demand for the stock should increase.

In the chart below, SEDG price gains are accompanied by increasing accumulation. There is no resistance above the ~$57 level and the stock has room to run to the upside:


Given institutional buy signals and a recent beat, SolarEdge shares could represent a long-term buying opportunity. …read more

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