Regional inequality is a hard problem to solve

By The Economist online

THE political shock of Brexit and of the election of Donald Trump have led to new interest in the problem posed by regional inequality. Both shocks drew support from places to which recent economic trends have not been especially kind, and both were reactions, at least in part, against the economic success enjoyed by elites concentrated in a relatively small number of rich metropolitan areas. Even economists, whose “nihilism…about what we can do to help struggling places in the U.S. is, quite frankly, strange” (in the words of Adam Ozimek) have taken to reconsidering their priors on the issue. Myself included; as I noted recently:

The economic literature is pretty clear that moving people from low productivity places to high productivity places is very good for both the people that move and the economy as a whole. It’s also pretty clear that place-based policies designed to rejuvenate regions which have lost their economic reason for being tend not to work very well. And one logical…

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