New York’s airports may finally be upgraded

By The Economist online

BUSINESS travellers have innumerable reasons to look forward to a visit to New York, and a few grounds to dread getting there. Chief among them are the city’s hellish airports. A study in November found that New York’s three international airports are the very worst among America’s 30 busiest hubs, in terms of ease of access, wait times and amenities.

The oft-derided LaGuardia came in dead last, with the highest rate of flight delays and cancellations, but the city’s bigger problem is John F. Kennedy Airport, which has more international passengers than any other airport in America. According to the study, it is massively inconvenient, with the longest drive time to the city centre and the longest waits to get through security.

That might be about to change. Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo laid out a plan for a $10bn overhaul of JFK. One-fifth of that funding could go toward improving road access, which is described in the plan as a “confusing spaghetti network for on-airport roads that lead to multiple bottlenecks and…

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