More airlines are banning Samsung’s smartphone

By The Economist online

RESTRICTIONS on smartphones aboard aeroplanes have long been a bugbear of business travellers. Rules proscribing their use are slowly falling away; they might not after all, it has been decided, interfere with an aircraft’s systems. (This was discovered, coincidentally, around the same time that carriers found that they could charge for onboard Wi-Fi.) But now airlines are banning them them once again. Or at least one particular type: the Samsung Galaxy Note 7

These phones, it seems, might pose a real danger to an airliner in flight. It was the Note 7’s propensity to catch fire that persuaded American authorities to ban them on American flights last week. (Back in September, some carriers had already told passengers not to re-charge them while aboard.) However, in the past few days, many other airlines around the world have followed suit. Over the weekend Japan’s transport ministry said it was prohibiting passengers from flying with the phones. Those caught trying to smuggle the devices onto carriers such as ANA would have them confiscated, it said. Emirates and Etihad are also taking a hard line, the latter insisting that “Guests must not carry Samsung Galaxy Note 7…

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