How strong are the institutions of liberal societies?

By The Economist online

LIBERAL democracies, while not exactly on the brink of a descent into fascism, are facing a period of crisis. Tomorrow, when Americans go to the polls, one of the major-party candidates will be a man whose campaign has dispensed with the notion that its talking points should bear any resemblance to truth, and who has routinely promised to take measures in office which would violate the spirit or letter of the law and constitution. In Britain, meanwhile, parts of the public reacted with fury when a British court carried out its constitutional role as it saw fit, suggesting its judgment concerning the role of Parliament in invoking Article 50 was a betrayal of the people. These developments seem to presage something far worse—maybe, some worry, the end of functional democracy and its replacement by fascism. In the Financial Times today, Mark Mazower finds parallels in Germany before the Nazis…

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