Dorothy meets the Mnuchins

By The Economist online

DOROTHY was unhappy. Life on the Kansas farm seemed dull, and her pocket money hadn’t risen in real terms for years. It was time for a change; time to make Kansas great again. Then, as she was sitting in the farmhouse with her dog Toto, a tornado came along, sweeping them up and taking her away, far from reality.

With a bump, the farmhouse landed on a woman. As Dorothy emerged, she saw a crowd of cheering little people.“You have killed the wicked witch of the east wing” they shouted. “We could not abide her charitable foundation or lax e-mail security procedure. But you have saved us.”

“Who are you?” asked Dorothy.

“We are the Mnuchins” they proclaimed “and we raise all the finance for the Wonderful Wizard of Oz, who lives in a giant tower with his name on the side.”

“What’s it called?” asked Dorothy.

“Ozterity” came the reply.

“Can the Wizard of Oz restore prosperity to my Kansas farm?” she asked.

“Of course” they cried.

“Can the Wizard help me and my dog Toto?” she asked.

“It depends. Is Toto a Hispanic name?” said one Mnuchin. “And…

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