‘Dog Of The Dow’ Coca Cola Reporting Without Fizz

Soft drink giant and component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average The Coca-Cola Company  is one of the “Dogs of the Dow” for 2018. The stock closed Wednesday, Feb. 14, at $44.10, down 3.9% year to date. The stock set its all-time intraday high of $48.61 on Jan. 26 and then declined into correction territory to its 2018 low of $42.19 set on Feb. 9. The stock is thus now 9.3% below the high and 4.5% above the low coming out of correction territory.

Analysts expect Coca-Cola to deliver earnings per share of 38 cents when the iconic soda company reports earnings before the opening bell on Friday, Feb. 16. In January, the soft drink giant announced a brand modernization program away from sugary sodas. These new drink options will not be a part of this quarterly result, so guidance will be important. The projected success of the Coke Zero Sugar brand could call for double-digit growth, which could stabilize weak share price performance. (See also: The New Plan from Coca-Cola’s New CEO.)

A “Dog of the Dow” for 2018, Coca-Cola has an elevated P/E ratio of 42.09 with a favorable dividend yield of 3.35%. …read more

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