China’s big aerospace ambitions are delayed

By The Economist online

I think we need to make it bigger

STEALTH fighter jets are designed to be as furtive as possible and sneak through radar without being noticed. China’s new J-20 stealth fighter demanded plenty of attention as it roared over the heads of spectators during its public debut at the Zhuhai air show this week. The message was clear: China is aiming high in the aerospace business. That ambition, though, is as much about commercial aircraft as it is about fighter jets, and in particular one model was noticeably absent from the show: the C919, a single-aisle short-haul passenger jet which China is developing to take on Airbus and Boeing.

Over the next 20 years both the European and the American aerospace giants forecast that China will become their biggest single market due to demand for new aircraft by Chinese airlines keen to meet the rising middle classes’ desire for air travel. Boeing estimates that…

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