Breitbart News is taking the business of outrage to Europe

By The Economist online

A NOTABLE American commentator, Charles Krauthammer, once explained Rupert Murdoch’s success in founding Fox News, a cable channel, by pointing out that he had found a niche market—half the country. The same may be true of Breitbart News, a conservative website whose fortunes have risen with those of Donald Trump, and whose chairman, Stephen Bannon (pictured) is Mr Trump’s chief strategist.

Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor at Breitbart, explained after Mr Trump’s victory that half of voters are “repulsed by the Lena Dunham, Black Lives Matter, third-wave feminist, communist, ‘kill-all-white-men’ politics of the progressive left.” Breitbart saw it coming a while ago, he added. The company’s expansion plans suggest it sees something coming in Europe, too. It already has a website in Britain and in January it will launch French and German sites.

Founded by Andrew Breitbart, the site is just nine years old. Its formula—outraging and fascinating readers with “clickbait”, occasional fake news, polemics and attacks on mainstream media—has taken off. Ten days after the election it said it had received 45m unique visitors in 31 days—modest compared…

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