Bank of America Rally Could Accelerate in 2018

Tax cut optimism and an expected December interest rate hike have lifted commercial banks to multi-year highs, in expectations of record profits through greater business activity and wider yield spreads. Bank of America Corporation stock has attracted strong buying interest in this bullish wave, breaking out to a nine-year high in the upper $20s. More importantly, it has now opened the technical door to more rapid upside that could reach the upper $30s in the second half of 2018.

Commercial banks have already hit short-term overbought technical readings following a three-day vertical buying impulse, so risk-conscious market players may wish to stand aside right here and wait for an orderly pullback that tests new support. A decline that fills Bank of America’s Nov. 28 gap between $27.50 and $28 might do the trick, offering a low-risk entry ahead of a first upside target at $31.50. (See also: Bank of America Stock Breaks Out After Powell Testimony.)

Bank of America stock has mounted a long-term Fibonacci retracement level, opening the door to more rapid upside into 2018. …read more

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