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In Checking Accounts, the Less You Have, the More You May Pay

Financial complexity doesn’t happen only on Wall Street. Even a basic checking account is often no longer simple, because account rules and fees can vary widely — so widely, in ...
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filing taxes

Need to Know Info About Filing Your Income Tax

January is nearly at a close, which means most residents of the US are preparing their 2014 income tax returns. Whether you are expecting a big refund or dreading writing ...
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3 Ways to Overcome Debt

After the financial crisis of 2008, the average level of household debt rose to new records.  This was true of debt in many different forms, as outstanding credit card balances, ...
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10 Tips for Credit Card Success

Credit card companies offer a number of benefits to those users, and those benefits are increasing in both quantity and quality with each passing day. As the number of credit ...
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Target-Date Mutual Funds Face the Challenge of Rising Interest Rates

Tips For Choosing A Mutual Fund

Once you have developed your savings account to the point where it is time to start investing in the financial markets, one of the first places most people look is ...
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bank account

Tips For Choosing A New Bank Account

By Richard Cox: Frequently these days we see new banks popping up offering different types of checking and savings accounts.  Sifting through all the important information and fine print can ...
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Getting Credit After Bankruptcy Discharge

No matter the type of bankruptcy you've gone through, there is always a chance to rebuild and establish credit, especially after a bankruptcy discharge. Though it might feel like a ...
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fix vs arm

Fixed or Adjustable-Rate Mortgage: Which Is Best For You?

So you have decided to buy a new home. You may be asking yourself, what's next? There are many issues to consider, not the least of which is deciding which type ...
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Why You Should Buy a Home in 2015

How to Save for a Home

Take 20% of the cost of the home you can afford and you’ve got your savings goal. But buying a home is easier said than done. During the housing boom ...
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You May Be Sabotaging Your Own Financial Stability

You May Be Sabotaging Your Own Financial Stability As humans, we don’t always make smart financial decisions. From impulse buys to psychological barriers, sometimes we make dumb choices. However, even ...
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car insurance many

Little Known Fact about Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is a product with six distinct coverages. Let’s look at them here: Bodily Injury Liability - This pays the medical and other expenses of those people injured or ...
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Tips On How To Play Retirement Catch-Up

Tips On How To Play Retirement Catch-Up With the economic woes of our country, many people are finding themselves trying to play catch up to their retirement savings in their ...
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5 ways to get the best mortgage deal

Buying a house usually means going through the process of finding a mortgage. While it's easy to find a mortgage, it can be a lot more complicated to make sure ...
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What You Don’t Know About Credit Reporting Can Hurt You

Credit reporting is one of the most mystifying components of adult life. Deciphering it and treating credit reports appropriately are things high on the list of things that we are ...
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