3 Small-Cap Blockchain Plays

A basket of publicly traded small-cap companies are scrambling to join the blockchain craze, setting aside traditional business operations and reorganizing to take advantage of emerging opportunities in this red-hot sector. Market players have bought these odd transformations aggressively, triggering vertical rally spikes and deep pullbacks, making it likely that other low-priced laggards will follow suit in coming months.

This eye-popping phenomenon signals opportunity and risk for capital seeking exposure to blockchain’s volatile shift into the mainstream. Realistically, most of these companies will eventually fail and trap complacent shareholders in significant losses, but a select few may carve powerful uptrends that reach multi-year or all-time highs. Well-honed risk management skills will be needed to uncover the few promising plays, which should still be dumped like hot potatoes when this classic market bubble finally pops. (To learn more, see: What Is Blockchain and Why Should I Care?)

Small-cap laggards are changing corporate identities and jumping on the blockchain bandwagon, triggering strong momentum rallies. …read more

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